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2010 Newport Bermuda Race

The time has come again for the biennial Newport-Bermuda Race, the world’s classic ocean race. June 18th, 2010 will mark the start of the 104th anniversary of this challenging event. The race begins in Newport, Rhode Island where conditions are usually cold and windy and ending at the island of Bermuda in the sweltering heat. It’s a wonder how sailors stay comfortable during these conditions across 635 nautical miles in the open ocean.

Stars Signatures is proud to be the official supplier for Newport-Bermuda Race clothing and gear that helps the crew stay warm and dry. It’s important to have the right kind of layers that will work both during the race and onshore. We provide custom embroidered hats, gloves, vests, jackets, shorts, trousers, totes, belts and accessories to remember the race for years to come. We offer popular brands like Gill, Harvard Square, Port Authority, Outer Banks and more. Stars Signatures embroiders the official 2010 Newport-Bermuda Race logo all in-house and provides a customization option by adding a monogram with the boat name, sail number or crew member name.

Make sure to stop by our booth at the registration tent in Newport. Registration is held at New York Yacht Club’s Newport Sailing Center this year. Our booth is open every day starting Sunday June 13th. Make sure to get your very own 2010 Official Race T-Shirt including all the boat names — coming hot off the press right as you are reading this!

Smooth sailing from all of us at Stars Signatures =)


Puppy Love

We got creative here at Stars Signatures for this Valentine’s Day. We cut the collar off one of our scrap shirts, embroidered a cutesy ‘Be Mine’ puppy love design, and made it into a little dog collar.

Got some old collared shirts in the back of the closet? This is a great way to recycle old shirts and make something for your furry little friends!

After all, how can you resist these puppy eyes?

10 Benefits of Having an Embroidered Logo

Stars Signatures embroidered logo

Stars Signatures embroidered logo

10. Sense of belonging. Whether you’re part of a club, organization, or cause, wearing an embroidered symbol everyday shows that you are a part of something important.

9. Identity. It’s important for service people to have their name and company embroidered so you immediately know when they ring your doorbell.

8. Uniformity & Consistency. Scenario: You’re at a tradeshow, walking along and looking at the numerous vendors. What would be your impression of a vendor with matching polo shirts with logos?

7. Pride in Company. Are you part of a family owned business or a big corporation? That’s something to be proud of!

6. Recognition. Not the average Joe – but Bobby the Technician from ABC Company.

5. Reiterates your brand. You’ve mailed flyers, sent email blasts, twittered, made service calls, now you appear face-to-face with your client. What better way than to back up your brand with a professional embroidered shirt!

4. Long lasting. Embroidery doesn’t fade; it stays clean & crisp through each wash.

3. Professionalism. [pruh-fesh-uh-nl-iz-uhm] –noun. 1. professional character, spirit, or methods. 2. the standing, practice, or methods of a professional, as distinguished from an amateur.

2. Brand Recognition. Whether standing in line at the bank or at the supermarket, people are more likely to strike up a conversation with you and ask about your brand.

1. Inexpensive Advertising. Did you know that embroidered logos are seen by about 200 people every day?